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This resource, developed by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Research Design Service North West (RDS NW), aims to help you ensure an application for funding for a trial includes key considerations at each stage e.g. trial design, costs, conduct, reporting and analysis. This resource brings together a number of externally hosted resources.

The focus is to support clinical trials but many aspects of the guidance are common to other research studies.

Details of support available, when applying and carrying out a trial in the North West of England are provided. This includes information about:

Here you will also find information and details on sources appropriate to pre-funding, including:

RDS NW and CTUs are funded by the NIHR. Both have a shared goal of improving the quality of applications submitted. To ensure a consistent approach pre and post funding for the design and analysis investigators are encouraged to have a joint discussion with CTUs and the RDS NW. This should be arranged as early as possible.

Using this resource

The links and information in this resource are split into four sections, each accessible using the button links at the top of the page or the first drop-down menu if viewing on a small screen. The first three sections focus on areas relating to producing a trial funding application. The fourth section provides details on how to find clinical expects to help with all aspects of your trial funding application.

Each of these sections are further split into various topics which are listed in the menu on the left of the screen or in the second drop-down menu on a small screen. Use this menu to access the various links and information under each sub-section.

Please note RDS NW is not responsible for any externally hosted resources.

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