The Role of Public Co-applicants and Public Involvement Leads in health and care research – resources

Public Involvement Leads in research

Definition and role of the designated Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) lead in a research team | NIHR

UK Standards for Public Involvement

How to apply Public Involvement Effectively to your Research Application – video

Working Together – for public contributors and patient and public involvement advisers and other staff working within the Research Design Service (RDS) – from RDS Resources

A brief guide to patient and public involvement and qualitative methods within health and social care research – from Learning for Involvement

Public Involvement how-to guide

Briefing notes for researchers – public involvement

Guidance for researchers – providing some practical tips on the Who, Why, When, What and How researchers could improve their Feedback to PPI contributors.

Reciprocal relationships and the important of feedback in patient and public involvement

The role of patient and public involvement leads in facilitating feedback

Creativity in public involvement – supporting authentic collaboration and inclusive research with seldom heard voices

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – Public Involvement

Strengthening our commitment to equality, diversity, inclusion and patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE)

Improving inclusion of under-served groups in clinical research – Guidance from INCLUDE project | NIHR

The Race Equality Framework

Involving children and young people as advisers in research

Public Co-applicants in research – guidance on roles and responsibilities

Public co-applicants in research – guide to roles and responsibilities

Example descriptors for public contributors as PPI leads and co-applicants

To Public Co-Applicant, or Not to Public Co-Applicant, that is the question – webinar video

Public Led Research Video and Interviews

Public-led Research – Tracey Johns speaks to Sarah Rae about applying for research grant funding as an expert by experience – video

An interview with Sarah Rae – Public Co-lead of Minds study talking about her experience – she is a Co-applicant and Co-lead investigator

How to engage people as research co-applicants

Public involvement payment guidance

Payment for Public Involvement in Health and Care Research – A guide for organisations on determining the most appropriate payment approach | NIHR

Payment guidance for researchers and professionals

Payment guidance for members of the public considering involvement in research Public

Public Involvement Cost Calculator

Research Design Service Toolkits

Community Engagement

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)