Public Involvement how-to guide

This Public Involvement How-to guide is currently being reviewed and updated.


The following information is aimed particularly at researchers involved in NHS research especially those applying or thinking of applying for NHS research funding. Others such as research managers, service users and the wider public may also find the information useful. Points to think about appear in a popup when you hover over each of the boxes. Explanatory notes also available via the link that appears when hovering over a box. You may find it beneficial to follow the stages below in a clock-wise manner starting at the top.

Further Public Involvement links and resources can also be found in our Public Involvement links library.

We would like to thank Dr Sue Hinder (RaFT Research and Consulting) and Dr Tracey Williamson (University of Salford and former NIHR RDS NW Adviser) for their significant input in producing the content of the guide and their feedback which was valuable in producing the online version.

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