Barriers to research and how we can help

In order to help you on your research journey, whether you are new to research or an experienced researcher, we can help overcome some of the barriers to applying for research funding. Below are some of barrier to research and many ways we can help.

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Finding time to do research

Lack of time in your role can be a barrier to applying for research funding or carrying out research. We can help reduce the time barrier, for example, by:

  • identifying appropriate collaborators who will assist in producing a funding application and carrying out the research
  • advising you on appropriate research methods and public involvement
  • helping you formulate the research question from an initial idea
  • advising on how to write a research funding proposal
  • advising on other specialist centres needed for your funding application
  • providing a critical read of your application.

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Lacking research knowledge and skills

If you are an inexperienced researcher or you are new to research, there are many way we can help. For example, we can help:

  • you build a team, by identifying collaborators, who will have the necessary skills and expertise for the funding application and to carry out the research
  • you turn you research idea in to a research question
  • you with appropriate methodology for the research question
  • you to include public involvement in every part of you funding application design and the research
  • to identifying appropriate funding for your research
  • you structure and complete the application appropriately.

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Lacking research funding knowledge

If you need funding to carry out your research we can help, for example, by:

  • identifying appropriate funding for your research including NIHR, research councils, charities and other funding bodies
  • helping you produce a funding application that is suitable for the chosen funding programme
  • alerting you to funding opportunities via our website and mailing list
  • providing you with the opportunity to apply for funding to facilitate public involvement in your research design via our Public Involvement Fund.

There are many more ways in which the Research Design Service can help you overcome the barriers to research. We can advise on all aspects of developing a research proposal in applied health or social care. The earlier you seek advice from us the better. To receive advice, please visit our advice request page.