Views from a successful applicant presentation slides (PDF) : Professor Nefyn H Williams, University of Liverpool.

Public Involvement experience presentation slides (PDF) : Terry Comerford.

RDS NW support - Public Involvement fund presentation slides (PDF) : Dr Hazel Morbey, Specialist Public Involvement Adviser, RDS NW.

An overview of RDS NW - How you will receive advice presentation slides (PDF) : Dr Mark Goodall, Adviser, RDS NW.

Targeting the right funding stream presentation slides (PDF) : Dr Steven Lane, Adviser, RDS NW.

Network support - SPARK presentation slides (PDF) : Liverpool Health Partners.

Network support - Clinical Trials Units presentation slides (PDF) : Ben Hardwick, Supervising Trials Manager, Liverpool Clinical Trials Centre, University of Liverpool.

Network support - Study Support Service presentation slides (PDF) : Tom Rice Centre, Study Support Service Manager, NIHR Clinical Research Network North West Coast.

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