An overview of Research Design Service support presentation slides (PDF) : Dr Martin Eden, Adviser, RDS NW.

Applying for your first project grant, a successful story presentation slides(PDF) : Dr Lora Capobianco, University of Manchester.

RDS NW support - Public Involvement fund presentation slides (PDF) : Dr Stuart Oultram, Specialist Public Involvement Adviser, RDS NW.

How to develop your research question presentation slides (PDF) : Dr Sarah Peters, Adviser, RDS NW.

Building a dream research team presentation slides (PDF) : Dr Fiona Ulph, Adviser, RDS NW.

Social Care Research presentation slides (PDF) : Dr Paul Clarkson, Specialist Social Care Adviser, RDS NW.

NHS Trust Research and Development support presentation slides (PDF) : Alison Robinson, Senior Research and Innovation Manager, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) support presentation slides (PDF) : Seonaid Beddows, Study Support Service Lead, CRN Greater Manchester.

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