Mouse alternatives

There are ways to navigate around a web site without the need for a mouse. This web site allows for a number of these techniques to be used.

This web site provides a site map which can be used to navigate to any part of the web site from just one page.

Below you will find details on these alternative navigation methods.

Descriptions are given for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Navigation using the tab key

It is possible to navigate around the links on this web site using the Tab key.

Pressing the Tab key will highlight link on the web site in a logical sequence. However the browser uses the Tab key in order to provide navigation through address bar so press tab until a link on the web site is highlighted.

You should be able to tab through all the links on the web site in a logical sequence. When you are on the link that you want to visit press Enter. Tab + Shift tabs through the links in the reverse direction.

The Arrow keys and Space bar can be used to scroll around the page.

Sitemaps and breadcrumbs

Site Maps provide an alternative navigation system for moving between sections and pages of a website. A Site Map provides, on one web page, links which access every section of a website.

On the Site Map page of this web site, you will see the titles for each section of this site and under each section you will see the related pages. Clicking or using alternative means of navigation such as the Tab Key on any of these titles will take you to the relevant section or page.

Breadcrumbs provide you with yet an another accessible way to navigate through a website. They also provide you with information about the web page that you are currently on.

On this web site a breadcrumb is provided below the section menu. This breadcrumb displays a series of links which change depending on the page that you are on. The breadcrumb always starts with the Research Design Service North West link, allowing you to go straight back to the Home Page of the website from any web page. Links after the first > symbol provide access to the current section front page. The text after the next > symbol provides the title of the current page that you are on.

The breadcrumb provides you with a linear way to progress through the site sections and allows you to always see which section and page you are on.